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January 28, 2016

The Dailey Method – Towson is a new barre and cycle studio that recently opened in Towson owned by Melanie Pipkin Kozel. The Dailey Method promotes community, proper alignment, and being your best self.

So what the hell is barre? Don’t worry, we had the same question before we went to our first class too. Barre is a combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning and stretching—it’s a low-impact and full-body workout that promises to get you lean and strong. The Dailey Method focuses on the importance of proper alignment during the working, which improves balance and gets muscles working the right way.

The Dailey Method Towson barre

I don’t have dance experience! I’m not flexible! Is it hard? That’s okay! You don’t need experience in dance or barre to jump into class at the Dailey Method. Yes, it is hard but it’s a workout! It’s the good kind of hard (hehe there is a joke there). Shae & I went to our first class during The Dailey Method – Towson’s grand opening weekend. We attended a free class with Deanna and we worked HARD. We loved it and convinced Danielle (who has a lifetime’s worth of dance experience) that she would love it too. We went to our second class together, again with Deanna, and somehow it was harder than the first. It took two classes for me to be hooked! I went ahead and signed up for a new client special for a month of unlimited barre/cycle and convinced Danielle to sign up with me as well.

TDM Reception

Now, let me be honest: I’ve never really liked working out before, but the older I get the more I realize it’s necessary. I’ve dabbled in a LOT (yoga/running/various online programs/pilates/lifting/random cardio) but all of it has felt like I’m working out for necessity rather than for pleasure—and feeling that way makes it really difficult to actually commit to anything. I like the accomplished feeling after a workout, but during has always felt like torture. Barre & cycle at The Dailey Method – Towson is truly the only time I’ve enjoyed a workout as much during as I have after. It is hard. My muscles shake (which TDM promises is a good thing, as it proves I am working my muscles to fatigue so they can continue to get strong). I secretly curse my teachers when they tell me we’re doing ‘just 8 more’. But, so far, I feel like I’ve worked harder in my barre classes than I have during any of the various workouts mentioned above. Because the studio is small and classes are capped, the instructors will know your name after a class or two. They push you and I love how much attention I get in each class—I feel like I have a personal trainer, who just so happens to be training about 20 other people at the same time.

But I like working out, will I like barre? From what I hear, the answer to that question is a BIG yes. Danielle, who as I said is a trained dancer, also loves barre and has been going with me. Our other friend who is also named Danielle (confusing so we will call her Danielle M.) joined us for the 30 day new client special and has been enjoying it as well. Danielle M. is definitely more into fitness than Danielle & I are and has another gym membership. My friend Alex came to class with me the other night and she is one of the strongest people I know—she’s a runner who has completed two half-marathons and is training for a full. She is considering signing up for The Dailey Method – Towson’s 6-week special (more on that below…)

The dailey method towson Barre Room

Okay, this sounds cool. How can I try it out. Glad I convinced you! First, if you just want to try a barre class, you can go ahead pick one from the schedule here. A single barre class is $20, and a single cycle class is $23. If you think you’re going to love it and just want to dive in, you can sign up for The Dailey Method – Towson’s current new client special, which is 6 weeks of unlimited barre & cycle classes at $100. After you’ve attended 5 classes, which is not hard to do in 6 weeks, it starts to pay for itself. After you do your 6-week unlimited, you can gage how often you go and see if it makes sense to purchase a 10-class pass or a recurring monthly unlimited (full pricing list here). For a limited time, use promo code WELDON for 10% off the 6-week unlimited introductory and any 10-class packs—just tell em Julie/30th & W sent ya.

The Dailey Method – Towson also has starting offering free (FREE) community classes for both barre & cycle taught by their teachers-in-training. I’ve been to two of these, thinking ‘lol teacher in training this will be easy’. NOPE. Wasn’t easy. Heather kicked my ass too and it is definitely on-par with the workout you will get from Melanie, Deanna or Bethany. These classes are found on the regular class schedule, just look for the word FREE (what a great word). Also keep your eye out for a 30th & Weldon/Dailey Method collab (hint hint hint).

Cycle Room

Alright. I’ve decided which class package makes the most sense for me. What do I need to know before going to my first barre class? Expect to sweat a little bit. Bring a bottle of water, but know you can buy a bottle at the studio if you forget yours at home. Keep in mind that those 2 pound weights are a lot heavier than they look. Everyone who works at TDM is really really nice and this will be very apparent when you enter the studio for the first time. Everyone I’ve met in the classes are all really nice too. They’ve got very cute clothes for sale and you will want to spend all of your money each time you attend class.  If you have kids, the Dailey Method – Towson offers childcare at a fraction of the cost you pay your sitter. The studio is bright & beautiful and is a great environment to be in. There is a shower room & blow dry bar if you want to go from class to work (or from the barre to the bar. haha). Push yourself during class. Ask questions if you have them. Smile often.

What should I wear? Socks are required at the Dailey Method and the floors are carpeted. Any socks will do, although they sell some sweet grippy socks specially made for barre at the studio. I prefer to wear calf-length or ankle-length leggings and I wouldn’t recommend shorts (I’d imagine you’d spend most of class pulling them down, I could see a lot of the movements forcing those shorts to continuously ride up up up). Wear your favorite low-impact sports bra (if you can get away with low-impact). I prefer to wear a tank top so that the instructors can check my alignment. I would imagine something more flowy would get in the way as well. You’ll probably want to keep your hair up with a hair tie (I like cloth hair ties, that don’t crease hair and that I can’t feel when I’m doing floor exercises).

barre outfit

What types of results will I see? Can I really get a full-body workout at this studio alone? I’ve already seen changes in my flexibility. Although class doesn’t seem to get easier, I do feel like I am getting stronger and that I’m able to push myself more and more each class. My mental health has also been positively impacted—after class, my mind feels clearer and I feel like I can handle a lot. To see a difference in your body, Melanie recommends coming to class at least three times a week. Barre and cycle compliment each other really well—the cardio you get from cycle works well with the muscle conditioning you get from barre. You could even attempt the ‘Dailey Double’ and attend one right after the other! I’ve yet to accomplish this (one day…) but I met a student the other day who had just done it. Her advice is that if attempting the Dailey Double, take your barre class first and then finish it off with cycle. With barre & cycle, it is totally possible to get your workout in at this studio alone. Of course, If you are a runner you’ll want to keep running, if you’re a yogi you’ll want to keep practicing, and if you love your gym you’ll want to keep going there but barre can be a great compliment to your other workouts as well.

Cycle Room Action Shot

The Dailey Method – Towson is definitely a great addition to the Baltimore fitness community! If you have any questions, comment below (or better yet, ask them at your first class). Remember to use promo code WELDON for 10% off the 6-week unlimited introductory and any 10-class packs. I hope to see you at the barre soon!

The Dailey Method – Towson
1220 E. Joppa Road, Suite 101
Towson, MD 21286

(410) 938-8925

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