The Best Baltimore Cafés & Coffee Shops to Get Sh*t Done In

March 22, 2016

Whether you’re a writer, work from home, or are a student, one thing is for sure—you spend a lot of time looking at screens (and maybe even paper). I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I need a change of scenery. Often when trying to get work done from home, I get distracted by the endless to do list—when I’m home, there always seems to be another pile of dishes to do, another load of laundry to put away, a litter box to clean, trash to take out, a pot of coffee to make/drink, an episode of House of Cards to watch…you name it, it’ll distract me. Since I was in high school, I discovered the glory of doing work in coffee shops. Pop some headphones in, drink a delicious latte and sit and work for a few hours. I find I am extremely productive in cafés for a few reasons. First, I know I’m paying to be there (between $3-$20, depending on how many Americanos I drink or if I get food) and I want to get the most out of my money. Also, I’m afraid that someone will see me not being productive and *kindly* ask me to leave. Not that there is a rule that you have to be working to use café wifi, it just feels like one of those unspoken norms (although I did once see a guy in Starbucks bring his TV and his PlayStation…but this was in New York and so I’ll take that with a grain of salt). If I need more coffee, I pay for it and not get distracted in my kitchen. I’m not distracted by my cat, those pile of dishes, or the temptation of House of Cards (although I may take a break to play an iPhone game or check my Instagram). And sometimes, getting out of the house to work is necessary. Maybe your roommates are hosting a day-time beer olympics you’d rather not be a part of, or your landlord has send someone to do loud maintenance in the hallway of your building. Maybe you’re like me and you spilled coffee on your laptop and you are going to use your iPad to blog but ran out of data and the wifi in your apartment all stopped working in the same week and you need the Internet.

Maybe you’re looking for a new spot to get some work done, or maybe you haven’t taken yourself on a coffee & work date and want a coffee shop to try it out. Baltimore, I got you. Here are some of the best baltimore cafés to get shit done in. All of the coffee shops and cafés listed (alphabetically) give you free wifi for you’re Internet enjoyment and just ask one thing: you buy a cup of coffee.

3 Bean Coffee

Neighborhood: Federal Hill (right on Key Highway)
Table type: Low top tables (seating 2-4) and high top bar area.
Don’t Miss: Any latte: their art is beautiful (for non milk drinkers, coconut milk, almond, and soy are available). 3 Bean prides themselves on serving ‘craft coffee’ so you probably don’t want to leave without some. Non-coffee drinkers try the Matcha.
Food stuffs: Mostly pastries and desserts (including local ice cream). Also quiches and sweet/savory pies from Dangerously Delicious Pies.
Stipulations: Just spend some money.
Ambiance: A lot of natural light. Can be loud during peak times, so bring headphones.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 209 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230, (410) 216-3339

Artifact Coffee

Neighborhood: Hampden
Table type: One communal table, a few smaller 2 & 4 top tables, some ‘bar’ area.
Don’t Miss: Artifact offers coffee brewed in a Chemex (to ‘share’). It is delicious and brewed just for you!
Food stuffs: Go for a meal, stay to work. Artifact’s kitchen is fully functional and their menu diverse. Stop in for brunch, salads, sandwiches, and pastries.
Stipulations: Get the password upon entering.
Ambiance: Artifact gets busy but it’s easy to get work done. If you’re looking for something a bit quieter, try the back room.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 1500 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211, (410) 235-1881



Atwater’s Canton (via Soup of the Day Blog)

Neighborhoods: Belvedere Square, Canton, Catonsville, Johns Hopkins Hospital Area, Towson (at Kenilworth), Falls Road
Table type: Each Atwater’s is different, but most feature both tables and bar seating.
Food stuffs: Atwater’s has great sandwiches, pastries, and
Stipulations: Just spend money. I also do think they try to move tables quickly during peak times (so don’t expect to settle for hours when they’re busy).
Ambiance: They all differ. Caton is nice and airy, while Towson gets crowded. Catonsville has a spacious upstairs area, and I probably wouldn’t get to work at their Belvedere Square locations.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: Check their website for individual addresses.

The Bun Shop

via Yelp

via Yelp

Neighborhood: Mount Vernon & Downtown
Table type: Communal tables, two/four top tables, comfy couches.
Food stuffs: Sweet & savory buns!
Stipulations: None!
Ambiance: Very big space. Well lit near the front but the back gets a bit dark.
On the Internet: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 239 W Read St, Baltimore, MD 21201, (410) 989-2033

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Neighborhood: Mount Vernon
Table type: low top tables and a lot of hightop bar area
Food stuffs: Avocado toast is the most memorable.
Stipulations: The low top tables ask that you don’t work there during their ‘peak’ hours (with signs posted saying “No Laptops”).
Ambiance: A very very open space with high ceilings and a lot of natural light.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 520 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201, (443) 835-1659


Neighborhood: located right at the intersection of Charles Village & Remington.
Table type: Mostly communal tables (that seat about 8) and some space at a bar as well.
Don’t Miss: Anything espresso.
Food stuffs: Some salads and sandwiches, pastries, and Utz chips. Vegan and gluten free options available.
Stipulations: Currently, Charmington’s has free wifi all day (so long as you buy something). They used to turn off the interwebs between 12p-2p, but it seems those days are behind us.
Ambiance: Semi-relaxed. Can be a bit loud but nothing headphones can’t solve. I think the height of the tables vs the height of the chairs is a bit awkward (I always feel like I’m sitting low)
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 2601 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21218, (410) 235-5004


Daily Grind

Neighborhood: Fells Point
Table type: Lots of 2/4 top tables (as well as outdoor seating).
Food stuffs: Sandwiches, wraps, soups…
Stipulations: None.
Ambiance: Very open and bright, easy to escape noise.
On the Internet: web | Facebook
In person: 1720 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231, (410) 558-0399


Neighborhood: Mount Vernon
Table type: Lots of counter space, as well as four tops.
Food stuffs: Korean-inspired food, pastries.
Ambiance: Big and open space. Well lit, but can get loud.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 
In person: 802 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201, (410) 609-3162

Dovecote Cafe

Neighborhood: Reservoir Hill
Table type: Communal tables, low tops, couches.
Food stuffs: Pastries, paninis, and tapas (to name a few).
Ambiance: Bright and beautiful. I am personally in love with the aesthetic of this place!!! Talk about dream wallpaper *swoon*. Also, really really well priced.
On the Internet: web | Facebook Instagram
In person: 2501 Madison Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217, (443) 961-8677

Milk & Honey Market

Neighborhood: Mount Vernon
Table type: Low tops (chairs & booths)
Food stuffs: Adult grilled cheese. Kid’s grilled cheese. Pastries too.
Stipulations: None.
Ambiance: Well-lit, and a decent amount of tables. Also a grocer so you can pick up some things for the home while working there.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 816 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD 21201, (410) 685-6455

One World Café

Neighborhood: Tuscany-Canterbury
Table type: The front ‘cafe’ area has some low-top tables and a couch for lounging. There is space at the bar also.
Food stuffs: Sandwiches, brunch, and some really amazing cakes (vegan too).
Stipulations: None, just buy something. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to work at the bar during peak times (I’ve never tried).
Ambiance: Depending on when you go. During brunch and other peak times, it can get really loud and busy but the cafe is on the opposite side of the restaurant and you’ll be able to get work done and get away a bit.
On the Internet:  Facebook | Twitter
In person: 100 W University Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21218 (410) 235-5777

Patterson Perk

Neighborhood: Patterson Park
Table type: Very few tables, low tops.
Food stuffs: Pastries, bagels, sandwiches & paninis.
Stipulations: None!
Ambiance: Generally quiet but very small—theres just a few tables in the front. But Patterson Park is right across the street, so you can always grab your coffee and work outside (if you don’t need wifi).
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Twitter
In person: 2501 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224, (410) 534-1286

Park Cafe & Coffee Bar

​Via JihoNation

​Via JihoNation

Neighborhood: Bolton Hill
Table type: Counter seating & low tops.
Food stuffs: Breakfast (egg sandwiches, oatmeal, yogurt), salads, soups, paninis, and yummy baked goods.
Stipulations: None, other than spend some moolah!
Ambiance: Open and bright!
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 132 McMechen Street, Baltimore, MD 21217, (410) 225-9282

Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse

Neighborhood: Station North
Table type: Low top tables.
Food stuffs: Lots of veg/vegan options. The chefs at Red Emma’s are always creating a new delicious dish.
Stipulations: Closed Monday. Also, Red Emma’s frequently hosts events, so maybe call ahead to make sure you’re not going to walk into a talk when you’re expecting to get stuff done quietly.
Ambiance: The new location is a big space and it is very open. It can get loud, but it doesn’t really travel which is good.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 30 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201, (443) 602-7611

‘Spro Coffee

Neighborhood: Hampden
Table type: Low tops in the front and back, with outdoor seating as well.
Food stuffs: Nice pastries (and an amazing macaron!)
Stipulations: None!
Ambiance: Mostly quiet and well-lit. On the smaller side, but surprisingly a lot of seating for the size.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 851 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211, (410) 243-1262

Zeke’s Coffee

Neighborhood: Lauraville
Table type: Low top tables
Food stuffs: Sandwiches, soups, pies and ice cream.
Stipulations: None. Just buy something.
Ambiance: On the smaller side, but very nice.
On the Internet: web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
In person: 4607 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214, (410) 254-0122


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  • Reply Jenny March 22, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    I was hoping you would feature Red Emma’s! My number one favorite spot to get work done. 🙂

    • Reply julie March 22, 2016 at 5:51 pm

      It’s great! and always nice to go book shopping on a little break ☺️

  • Reply Brittany Wight March 22, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Red Emmas is my favorite spot to get down to work, it’s open later than lots of other coffee shops in Bmore and there is lots of space, so I don’t feel like I’m hogging a table from someone who just wants to eat some vegan mac with their friend.

    I also love Bun Shop, but I feel like lots more people plant their feet into long work sessions here – I often can’t find a space to even sit down to enjoy a still-warm bun, sans work but I’m crossing my fingers for some prime working-doing real estate at the new Bun Shop downtown when it opens.

    • Reply julie March 22, 2016 at 5:50 pm

      I am looking forward to the new Bun Shop too! I love how open it is but yeah. People PARK!

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