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What to Wear – Fashion for Transition Seasons

March 26, 2016

Dressing for the ‘transition seasons’ or Fall & Spring, presents one of my favorite kinds of fashion challenges.  Those ‘in between’ days where it’s cold in the morning but by the time we hit lunch you are breaking a light sweat, only to have it drop back down to sweater weather in the evening.  To me, this is the perfect excuse to get creative with my wardrobe.  No only do you get to pull from both the warm and cold sides of your closet, I think the transition seasons offer a chance for layering and high/low, short/long combinations that you can’t achieve (and remain a comfortable temperature) in the Summer & Winter.

Some of my favorite combinations include the sweater/mini skirt, tank top/jeans, poncho/shorts, crop top/full length skirt. Okay, who am I kiddin? All combinations are my favorite combinations. Bending the so called ‘rules’ of fashion has enlightened me to the reality that there are no real rules of fashion.  Folks have been breaking the ‘no white pants after Labor Day’ or ‘no mixing brown, black and navy’ rules for years now.  If you put something together and it works, you are good in my book.

Photo credit Mary Sarah Ivers

Photo credit Mary Sarah Ivers

Take this long sleeved crop shirt.  There is a good bit going on – high/low hem, long sleeved, cropped in the front, it has a collar (which always says ‘business’ to me) yet the material is wrinkled (on purpose – I tried to steam them out for a good 10 minutes before giving up).  But the shirt works.  It says boho safari chic to me and made me feel like I was Katherine Hepburn in Jurassic Park.

Photo credit Mary Sarah Ivers

Photo credit Mary Sarah Ivers


I love the option to roll the sleeves on this top – It was cold and windy af when we shot this look so I was grateful for the long sleeves – but was happy to be able to roll them up when we went out for dinner afterwards.

The crop on the pants was flattering – I find that some cropped pants don’t hit us tall girls in the right spots. Plus they were extremely comfortable and super soft.

My Jesus sandals (which deserve an entire post of their own) are literally the most comfortable shoes I own and I feel like I’m walking on pillows every time.  If you don’t own a pair go now to your closest internet and order yourself a pair (they are only $12 and they are vegan and perfect for water activities).  Your feet will thank me.

Photo credit Charly Rosemary

Photo credit Charly Rosemary

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Photo credit Charly Rosemary

Photo credit Charly Rosemary

Photo credit Mary Sarah Ivers

Photo credit Mary Sarah Ivers

So my challenge to you is to take a little inspiration from this post and get funky with your transitionary sartorial choices.  Take some fashion risks this season and be sure to tag us in your photos!


Charly Rosemary & Mary Sarah Ivers


Summer’s Over Cargo Pants in Army – Free People

That’s a Wrap Top in Ivory Combo – Free People

Oceans Light Choker in Gold Mauve – Free People

Pali Hawaii Sandals in Brown – Alohaz

London Calling Sunglasses in Orange Amber – Free People



Reasons Why Winter is Bullsh*t

November 29, 2015

With Thanksgiving over and my neighborhood getting decked out in colorful string lights and wreaths, it is becoming more and more apparent that the most dreaded time of year is coming. No, not the holidays, but the season – winter. Winter is bullshit. So I figured before we are all feeling joyful and stuffed to the gills with holiday spirit, I’d take a moment and get all our winter- related bitching out of the way.  

If you’re one of those lucky ones that doesn’t experience the miserable state of our part of the country / world during cold winter months, just move right along, this post isn’t for you. Mostly because I’m jealous of you. #lifegoals

Disclaimer – My mother says I speak like a drunk sailor, in regards to my “colorful” language. I like to think I’m just more HBO than NBC, ya know? …Sorry, Mom.

  1. The weather. The most obvious, but also the most bullshit. Snow is bullshit. Ice is bullshit. I hate it all. Sure, if you’re off of work and can do nothing but lounge around in your underwear and drink hot toddies, snow is great. But if you have to leave your house for any reason at all? Bullshit. Start by bundling up and trying to hide any inch of skin from the cold, including your eyeballs. Then spend an excessive amount of time fighting the 4 inches of snow which is hangin’ out above 2 inches of ice on your entire car. THEN shovel yourself out of your parking spot – and if you live in Baltimore, do that absurd thing where you leave a couple lawn chairs there to save it for later. That’s all before you even begin to venture out on the roads – don’t even get me started on MD drivers in the snow. I thought they were horrendous in rain, sun, wind, hail – but snow really takes the cake. I also had the unfortunate series of events which caused me to be stuck on the side of I-83 for over 5 hours in snow last year, which may be still be tainting my vision about the fluffy white stuff.giphy
  2. Winter beauty maintenance – All three of us have talked about this, between dry skin and chapped lips, winter is downright treacherous and laborious in the beauty department. While the aforementioned weather is part of the problem, it’s also the damn heating. I’ve got radiator heating in my old row home, which is a whole ‘nother level of bullshit when it comes to my BGE bill. giphy-1
  3. Holidays spent with family – okay, hear me out. I LOVE my big, Italian Jersey family, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re single, hearing Grandma tell you “I’m probably not gonna be around much longer and I’d really like to see my granddaughter get married……” gets old quick. If you’re not single, asking about when you’re getting engaged / married / having babies takes on an equal level of frustration / anxiety / pour me another glass of wine, amiright?
  4. 2014-12-30-Laurenandsisters-thumbEveryone is sick all the time. Colds are bullshit. The runny, stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, chills. It sucks. And in the winter? Everyone’s got one. Your roommate has a cold, which means you get a cold, which means you give your significant other, who passes it on to their coworker, who happens to be your other roommate – and you start the vicious cycle again. Bullshit. 10 different kinds.giphy-4
  5. Getting fat, then trying to get un-fat. Everyone gets fatter this time of year, right? You joke with your coworkers that you’re cheating on your “diet” for the holidays that you and I both know you stopped being on back in March. But it’s an excuse, and we all share in the misery. Then comes January 2nd, everyone pretends to care about their health and fitness again and all the gym rats complain the gyms are too crowded – wah, wah, wah – until March, when everyone gives up again. Rinse and repeat, every year.

  6. After New Year’s Eve, its a slow countdown to spring. I’m sure we can all agree the most bullshitty part of winter is everything after New Year’s, when you don’t even have holidays and shit to make winter fun anymore. I mean, Valentine’s Day? ugh. What even is President’s Day? There’s a freaking holiday based solely around a small woodland vermin seeing his damn shadow! Can we all just skip to St. Patrick’s or even Memorial Day Weekend? Everyone knows those holidays are the good kind – the ones that revolve around drinking and winter being over.


All right, I think I’ve got all my winter-related bitching out of my system. Now I’m going to go light my “Tis the Season” candle and decorate my Christmas tree, like a good girl.

What are your biggest winter gripes? Comment below!

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10 Best Lip Balms (For All Budgets!)

November 19, 2015

I have terrible dry skin that follows me all year round and my lips are no exception. When I was a kid, my lips (and the area around my mouth) would be severely chapped and now I make sure to always have a lip balm on me. If I leave it at home, my lips sting by the end of the day and I’m not above using body lotion/hand salve/aquaphor on my lips in a pinch. I have tried many many different lip balms throughout my life and have found quite a few that work for me. From the checkout counter at CVS to more-than-I-make-an-hour, I’ve curated a collection of lip balms to fit any budget—whether you’ve got some #treatyoself money lying around or you are strapped until next payday. I have had experience with all of these at some point in my life and don’t think you can go wrong with any of these best lip balms!

Burt’s Bees, Beeswax Lip Balm, $3


This is the lip balm I am most loyal to, I’ve been using Burt’s Bees on and off for more than a decade. This is my go-to if my lips are already severely chapped and need a quick revival. The beeswax moisturizes well while the peppermint gives my lips a nice tingle. Sold virtually everywhere, it’s always easy to pick up a stick. Can sometimes be a bit too waxy and I tend to only really like this one in the winter.

Jack Black, Intense Therapy Lip Balm, $7.50


This is the newest addition to my lip balm repertoire and is quickly racing to the top as one of my favorites. The lip balm is incredibly hydrating and, for me, is a perfect every day lip balm. I first heard of this balm i n Danielle’s ‘Surviving Winter‘ post and it really is a must-have for this season. I also love that it is SPF 25! The only downside of this so far is it can be a bit sticky when first applied but this wares off while the moisture lasts.

Kiehl’s, Lip Balm #1, $7

kiehl's lip balm #1

Another great one for when your lips are dry, Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is another go-to for me when I’ve done lots of damage and need some good restorative work. This is the least waxy of them all and really absorbs into your lips. I find this one doesn’t last as long as others though, and the scent may be off-putting to some (it kind of just tastes like petroleum jelly mixed with olive oil). It is a bit greasy but boy does it heal!

Fresh, Sugar Lip Balm, $22.50


Oh, how I love this lip balm. I wish I could buy it every time I needed lip balm. Sugar by Fresh is not waxy at all and is very light—a little goes a long way. It absorbs well into my lips and it really is tackling the root of the problem. This lip balm is SPF 15 and comes in a variety of colors which is great if you are looking for something tinted that is still top quality. I find there isn’t a lot in the tube and I have to reapply often so if this were my usual I’d be buying it way too often. Great as a tinted lip balm but for something standard I usually go with one of the other less-expensive options.

Smiths, Rosebud Salve, $6


This is the most versatile lip balm I’ve ever used—while great for chapped lips, also does wonders on dry cuticles, elbows, and knees. I appreciate Rosebud because it only contains four ingredients (all of which I can pronounce). A bit sticky & glossy but gets the job done and lasts a really really really long time.

C.O. Bigelow, Mentha Lip Shine/Breath Freshener No. 502, $7

bigelow mentha

Smooth and long-lasting, Mentha Lip Shine by C.O. Bigelow keeps lips moisturized for a good part of the day. This is the first moisturizing lip gloss I ever used and adds a nice amount of shine. The minty shine also freshens breath and feels great on chapped lips. Although shiny, Mentha Lip Shine is not sticky at all!

Blistex, Lip Medex, $2

blistex medex

A classic, tried and true lip balm. Blistex Lip Medex is one of the most recognizable lip balms out there—and for good reason. This lip balm is perfect all year round and is incredibly soothing. Who can beat the price? This is the lip balm I usually buy when I run out of/lose a more expensive one and don’t feel like spending a lot of money again. I find I need to reapply a bit more often but at $2 a tin I can absolutely afford that. It definitely tastes like a medical lip balm but at this point I am used to it. More healing than moisturizing, it is not an everyday balm for me.

Clinique, Superbalm Lip Treatment, $16

clinique superbalm

Clinique’s Superbalm works to repair cracked lips and replenish moisture. A bit thicker than some of the lip balms listed above, this balm from Clinique is great for moisturizing overnight as well. A balm/gloss hybrid, Superbalm is a bit shiny after application.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel, Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm, $19

nuxe reve de miel lip balm

If you’re looking for an overnight lip cream, look no further than this one. The formula is a bit too thick for daytime wear but is perfect for getting your lips moisturized over night. The lip balm is gritty and when rubbed into lips it almost exfoliates them. A jar of this Nuxe Rêve de Miel lasts awhile and is worth the steeper price.

Nivea, A Kiss of Moisture, $3

nivea kiss of moisture

I was very impressed with how long-lasting this lip balm is. For the price, it is an incredible deal. It feels high quality and adds a ton of moisture to my lips. The scent/taste is very mild and I don’t have to reapply often. It is strong enough to use on my driest days but also mild enough to use all year round. This is the most balanced lip balm I’ve used so far. Also I find it the best option to use under lipstick. Because it isn’t waxy, it doesn’t change the texture of the lipstick but still locks in moisture. Creamy but not greasy, this lip balm is good day or night, all year round.


I hope this winter brings hydrated lips with the right lip balm, no matter your budget. Have a favorite lip balm not listed? Let me know in the comments below.



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How to Wear it: Floral in Winter

January 15, 2015

It’s cold as shit outside. Ugh. I hate cold I hate snow I hate it all! Winter is a time of doom-and-gloom for me and if I didn’t love this coast so damn much I’d try to settle down in a place that lacks this season (because we could probably all deal with a low of 50° all year round). But, alas, I’m an east coast grrrl and intend on keeping it that way for a long time to come. For many, winter fashion is a time to bundle up and wear our best blacks, navys, and darkest grays. As much as I enjoy donning these darks during this season I also try to brighten it up a bit. I am a huge fan of floral and 100% believe it is the best print out there; those that know me IRL already know this and are probably not surprised (underwhelmed, even) that I am writing a post about this print just three weeks into having this blog. There seem to be an infinite number of good floral prints out there and it is versatile and fun. It looks good on all of us I honestly believe there is a good floral for everyone (haven’t found it? Keep looking. Don’t trust me? Let me know and I’ll find a good one for you). If you aren’t a fan of floral, we probably will not get along and I already do not trust you. (There was time when I was on OkCupid and I matched (95%!) with a guy whose username was “floralprintsux”. At that moment I immediately started doubting the OkC algorithm and I sure as hell did not trust that 95% match).

Floral is typically synonymous with spring and summer fashion and there was a time where I would wait until the weather hit a perfect 67° to break these prints out. At some point (during college?), I realized it was a waste to keep my favorite dresses locked up in my closet during the colder season. I know I am not the only one that feels this way and hope you join me in wearing the best print ever even when it’s cold as balls out. Without further ado/anecdote, here is my brief guide to wearing floral in winter.

Short Dresses.


This winter, wear your short florals previously reserved for summer. Wear your shortest summery dresses with a warm & snuggly crop sweater. Yes, the sweater I have chosen is white but let’s be honest, the no-white after Labor Day rule is dated and needs to go (more about that below). Worn with tights and tall boots, this look is perfectly appropriate for winter. Don’t let the haters tell you anything else.


This second look is also a short dress but I’ve gone ahead and done something a bit unorthodox by wearing white (once again) and mixing it with a flannel. When doing research for this posts, wearing white floral was a big no-no for a lot of fashion blogs but I disagree. White is a beautiful shade and looks great year-round. So let’s stop listening to Grandma and Cosmo and wear white whenever the fck you want. I am also a huge fan of mixing prints and think everyone needs to do so as well. Take the plunge – mix your florals with stripes, flannels, polka dots, or even other florals (gasp!) Here, I’ve chosen a flannel whose colors compliment the flowers on my dress but really it doesn’t have to match at all. If mixing prints is not your style, a long dark gray or black cardigan will suffice (but again you should really try it).  Because this dress is a bit longer than the first, I decided to go with booties instead of the knee-highs.

Floral Pants. 


These are my favorite pants I own. They are light enough for me to wear in the summer but when worn with a pair of long johns underneath they are perfect for winter. With a thin sweater, a giant circle scarf, and knit hat I’m ready to kick winter’s ass and I’m down to look lively while doing it. And if you’re doing it right, you’ll find a pair of pants with pockets.

The Gown.


This is one of my favorite dresses I own. I never thought I needed a floral gown until I saw this one on sale at Free People one day during my lunch break and Shae made me try it on. This dress has turned out to be a perfect piece both for me in general and for winter. In this case, I would advise you pick a gown with a darker background and bold prints. If you need height like my 5’4 ass does, grab a pair of heeled booties and you are on your way. If you are a bit taller, you could opt for a boot with a shorter heel since this shit probably isn’t dragging on the ground when you wear it like it does when I do. The best part about this dress is that leggings or tights can be worn underneath for extra warmth and no one will know.

Are you wearing floral in winter? Show me how – I can never have too many ideas to be decked out in my favorite print. Too much for you? Just pair a floral top with a pair of high waisted jeans or add some accessories – socks, shoes, backpacks, hairclips, necklaces, etc (this is actually just a list of things I want so feel free to send any and all my way). Male? My roommate Kevin has an amazing floral sweatshirt he rocks all year long. Learn from him and invest. At any rate, comment below or upload your winter floral look to instagram and tag #30thandweldon (remember, not wearing floral in winter is not an option. I either will find you one that works or I will forever not trust you).

 Outfit Details:

Look 1: Sweater – TopShop, purchased at Crossroads Trading Co. in Portland, OR. Dress – Urban Outfitters. Boots – Forever 21.

Look 2: Flannel – L.L. Bean, found in the hallway of my dorm sophomore year of college. Dress – Urban Outfitters. Shoes – Steve Madden. Hat – American Apparel.

Look 3: Pants – Forever 21. Shirt – Urban Outfitters. Scarf – Urban Outfitters.

Look 4: Dress – Free People.

((Shoutout to my roommates & my friend Devon for helping me come up with this idea one lazy afternoon in our living room and for reassuring me that my mixed-prints actually look good. Shoutout to Devlin for taking these photos for me/putting up with me in general.))

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Top 5 Products for Surviving Winter

January 13, 2015

Well, here in Baltimore it has been cold as a witch’s teat, as they say. (Who is they? Why do they have so many things to say?) These frigid temperatures do a number on me; I’m a damn recluse the minute I can see my breath when I walk outside. The dry, cold air in combination with having the heater turned all the way up wreaks havoc on my body, face, & hair. & mind. 

Here’s my top 5 products for dealing with all this ice shit. (P.S. These products work for both the ladies and da boyz. cuz we all have to survive winter amiright?)




1. / 2. / 3. / 4.

1. Lips – my lips get drier and chapped as all hell in the winter. I have a Chapstick in every coat pocket and purse all year long but come the depths of the cold and it becomes an extra appendage. I’ve been known to take it in the shower. (Weird? Yeah, I guess. This is a safe space right?) Lately I’ve been loving the Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm, esp the Shae butter one. It’s suuuuper thick and relieves the pain associated with chapped lips in addition to heals them. Bit pricey for my taste, but desperate times.

2. Skin – dry, itchy, flakey, horribleness. Sexiest post yet. I have truly unbearable dry skin in the winter. Your average body lotion ain’t gonna cut it when the snow starts falling, hunny. My holy grail body butter is the Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter. I’ve destroyed countless tubs of this heavenly product you get at the GROCERY store.  A kitsy, hipster grocery store but a grocery store that I love nonetheless. The scent isn’t too overpowering and it is super moisturizing. Included a link to buy on Amazon, but it’s a few dollars cheaper in the actual store.

3. Hands – I wash my hands, a lot. Trust – if you worked in retail you would too. & that cheap corporate soap will suck the living life out of your hands. (And your soul! MUAHAHA) But I HATE when hand lotion leaves your hands all slimy and gross. I’ve tried a billion different hand lotions and the only one I think really moisturizes without being slimy is the L’Occtaine Dry Skin Hand Cream. It’s pricey, but I buy the travel size since I will inevitably lose it and need another one.

4. Face – to be honest, I’m still on the hunt for my end- all- be- all, Prince Charming face moisturizer. But one product has been in my collection for years and years and that’s those little tins of Nivea creme. Yes, like the one your grandmother had, navy and white packaging. I use this on little dry spots, under my eyes, and around my nose at night, it’s thick and heavenly without being gross and clogging my pores.

5. Soul – Whiskey. Duh. The only one of these products that warms you from the inside out! Meet you at Blue Pit, order me a Knob Creek Maple old fashioned plz and thanks.

Hope you enjoyed this Top 5, I think I might do a separate hair post for winter because that’s a whole different animal. What are your winter necessities? Comment below!