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Things to Do in Baltimore Before Summer Ends

September 1, 2016

Today is September 1st, which officially makes Summer 2016 the *fastest* moving summer I think I’ve ever experienced. School has started for a lot of people an summer vacations are winding down. To those who hate the heat and can’t wait to break out their boots and scarves, the beginning of September means that fall is on its way. But to those like me who would rather move across the country then experience another East Coast winter (lol), September brings about a lot of sadness about the warm weather ending. I mean, don’t get me wrong I don’t love sweating for hours on end in the Baltimore humidity, but I also don’t love navigating snow and ice and cold and all the “joys” that winter brings.

Although September has now ended, I want to be very clear that summer is NOT over yet! There is still time to enjoy the end of this season and for our readers who are local to Baltimore, I’ve compiled a small list of things to do so you can really enjoy the last of summer.

WTMD First Thursday Concert Series (Thursday, September 1st)

via Baltimore Magazine

via Baltimore Magazine

TONIGHT is the last First Thursday Concert Series, hosted by WTMD. Join musicians OJR, Joseph Arthur, and the Slanted Sound at Canton Waterfront Park for some outdoor tunes, food, and drinks. Admission is free and doors start opening at 6:30.

End-of-Summer Twilight Swim at the Patterson Park Pool (Friday, September 2nd)

The Patterson Park Public Pool is hosting an adult-only twilight swim to say goodbye to our sweet summer. Admission is $5 and you can bring food & drink into the pool (of course, no glass). They’ve got a DJ spinning for the entire night—get your swim on TOMORROW from 8-11 PM.


Bengie’s Drive-In Theater 

via Bengie's

via Bengie’s

Enjoy the final few nights Bengie’s Drive-In this Labor Day weekend. Bennie’s has been open for the past 60 summers just outside Baltimore. You can hang out in your car and catch the movie, or bring blankets/chairs and enjoy the films under the starts. Make sure to READ THE RULES before heading out there—I’m almost certain that Bengie’s has more rules than the most chaotic Kindergarten classroom…

Hampdenfest (September 17th)


Hampdenfest is a free neighborhood festival in Hampden. Musicians play throughout the day and local vendors and foodies line. Beer provided by locals Union Brewery & The Brewer’s Art, and if you’ve got the stomach for it, enter the pie eating contest hosted by Dangerously Delicious Pies!

Maryland State Fair (Until September 5th)


The Maryland State Fair brings together live music, carnival rides, and festival food and the huge fairgrounds in Timonium. Tickets are available through the MD State Fair website!

Maryland Sunflower Festival (September 11th & 12th)

The Maryland Sunflower Festival allows guests to enjoy the beauty of one of Maryland’s most historic sunflower farms. Local artists & musicians will be at the festival, and food & drink available from local vendors. It’s also a great opportunity to get that classic instagram pic of you standing amongst the sunflowers.

Que at the Zoo (Saturday, September 10th)


Que at the Zoo brings musicians and DJs together for a day-long concert experience at the Maryland Zoo. Drinks & BBQ available for purchase

Outdoor Dining

Photo of the patio at Blue Pit BBQ, via Baltimore Magazine

Photo of the patio at Blue Pit BBQ, via Baltimore Magazine

Baltimore has a great deal of sidewalk cafes and outdoor dining experiences, and September is a great time to take advantage. As it begins to cool down, being outdoors is still enjoyable. Some of my favorite outdoor spots in Baltimore include the back patio at Blue Pit BBQ in Hampden, the outdoor seating at Barcocina in Fell’s Point for daily brunch, and the seating at Gertrude’s which allows you to eat by the sculpture garden at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Farmer’s Markets

Although the Farmer’s Markets in Baltimore stay open well into the end of fall, I personally find them much more enjoyable when the weather is nice out. Allow yourself to linger at your favorite Baltimore market a little bit longer than you  typically would—grab some lunch and stay a while. The Jones Falls Farmer’s Market is a great one to stay and enjoy—you can release your inner child and do some hula-hooping, enjoy whatever music is playing, and do some non-food shopping with other local vendors.

Sunday at the Mill


Last but not least, a shameless plug for our end-of-summer celebration, Sunday at the Mill. Come out to the Union Mill Courtyard in Hampden and enjoy the last days of summer. We have a great line up of local Baltimore acts, artists & vendors from the Baltimore area, and food & drink provided by Artifact Coffee. Tickets can be purchased HERE! This year, we’ve got a VIP ticket that includes unlimited dranks as well as festival admission. RSVP on Facebook.

Have an outdoor event you’re looking forward to in September (besides Sunday at the Mill, of course…)? Let us know in the comments below!


Bourbon Peach Tea (A Big Batch Cocktail)

August 22, 2016


If you were able to join us at our Sip n Shop event at Brightside Boutique (THANK YOU! We had a blast!), we hope you got to try the Bourbon Peach Tea we made with peaches from the Fell’s Point Farmer’s Market. Super easy, full of delicious summer peaches, and a real crowd pleaser—definitely the thing to bring to that end-of- summer BBQ. The sweet peach nectar masks the bourbon well, so watch out! If you didn’t get the chance to try it, we’re sharing the recipe for you to make at home. We think you’ll love it!


Bourbon Peach Punch

  • 8 peaches. Aim for half ripe peaches and half firmer peaches (more on this later).  We used a mix of yellow and white peaches, but you can also use yellow or white nectarines or any combination of the four, depending on your preference.
  • 6 cups unsweetened black iced tea.
  • 4 cups lemonade. 
  • 2 cups  bourbon-of-choice. We recommend
    Jim Beam or above, in terms of quality.
  • 1 cup light brown sugar.
  • 1 cup water.
  • Ice.


Cut peaches into slices, and separate based on ripeness. Pour 1 cup bourbon into a container with slices from 3.5 firm peaches and set aside.


Pour 1 cup water, 1 cup brown sugar, and remaining firm peach slices into a saucepan and heat on low for 30 minutes. Add slices from 4 ripe peaches to a blender and mix with 1 cup lemonade. Blend until liquified. Pour mixture over sieve into a large punch container (ours was 2 gallons, with a spout for easy access) and strain peach purée.


Mix in brown sugar simple syrup, iced tea, remaining lemonade, remaining bourbon. Chill. Add ice and bourbon-soaked peaches to the mixture right before serving.


Tag your pictures with #30thandweldon so we can share them on our Instagram. Enjoy!



Look Good

Maxi and Midi Dresses for Summer

July 24, 2016

Welp, summer took its sweet ass time getting here but these past few weeks have proven she’s here to stay/slay. This past week has been the hottest yet with no plans of cooling down in the near future. While it is tempting to want to leave the house in a bathing suit in this heat, I find them to be less than practical in my day-to-day. Sun dresses are fun, but when I’m trying to stay cool but also want to look more polished, I turn to maxi and midi dresses for summer.

Maxi and midi dresses look fantastic on everyone. They’re simple to style and require minimal effort. These styles are easy to move in and are breathable. They can be worn to your cousin’s wedding, a friend’s birthday, the beach, to work, a picnic, etc… I love a long flowy dress in the summer—I immediately cool down while still feeling appropriately clothed for most situations.

Here are some of my favorite maxi and midi dresses for summer heat.

Lush, High Neck Maxi Dress, $28

lush high neck maxi dress

Ecote, Ashley Lace Up Maxi Dress, $119

ecote maxi

Lou & Grey, Luster Cutout Midi Dress, $78

lou and gray midi

ASOS Curve, Beach Maxi Dress with Tie Shoulder, $52

asos curve floral maxi

Forever 21, Crochet Halter Dress, $28

crochet maxi dress

Lovestitch, Summerland Mila Maxi, $56


Forever 21, Strappy Maxi Dress, $28


Torrid, Floral Chiffon Knit Maxi Dress, $68

plus size maxi

LOFT, Petite Blouson Sleeveless Maxi Dress, $60


City Chic, Metallic Plait Trim Stripe Maxi Dress, $84


Free People, Crepe Tie Black Dress, $268


Milly, Strappy Stripe Maxi Dress, $475


Forever 21, Floral Ruffle Maxi Dress, $25


Free People, Tropical Escape Maxi, $168

tropical escape maxi free people

Have you been staying cool in longer styles this summer? Share your favorite maxi and midi dresses for summer on instagram with #30thandweldon.

Look Good

Summer Hairstyles: Best for the Beach / Pool

June 30, 2016

Summer has arrived and is exercising her right to partay – it’s hot and humid here in Bawlmer. When the sun is blazin’ and its more moist than the boys locker room in high school (sorry for the graphic reference, but y’all know what I mean) the last thing any human without a buzz cut wants to deal with is their hair. Whether you’re burying your toes in the sand or hanging by the pool – and yes, the baby pool you bought at the grocery store and put on your apartment patio counts because #millenialsolutions – a messy bun on top of your head isn’t your only hair containment option. Does anyone else actually find buns really annoying to deal with sometimes? For me at least, they fall easily, break and tangle my hair from the stress of the ponytail holder, and give me a headache by the end of the day. So here are 3 options dope enough to go from tubing on Gun Powder straight to happy hour – do not pass go, do not shower / redo hair and makeup, because its summer boo, you only have time for sun, sand, and one more margarita.

All pictures are from pinterest. Check out our board for links!

  1. French Braid Pigtails – A personal 5th grade favorite of mine, french braids are back with a vengeance. If you have longer hair, rock the super sleek, skinny braids or if you have braiding ~*skillz*~ flip them dutch style and pull the ends out for a loose, boho style. If your hair is shorter, tie the braids off at the nape of your neck and rock your natural texture on the ends so they don’t stick out like Pippy Longstocking. (Though she was a pretty cool chick)0a811c7f4e849c39937f62d1904783cf
  2. The Fishtail High Pony – Not feeling super skilled at the braid lyfe? I find fishtail braids are even easier than regular braids, and tend to be more forgiving to mistakes. Never fear, I included a tutorial on our Pinterest board! Sweep your hair back into a high pony to keep your hair off your neck and plait it into a messy fishtail to keep it from being boring.4896017c66580c8fdce7d88b9f7e280a
  3. Double the Buns – If you have ever tried to lie on the beach and your bun was constantly in the way of letting you be your most relaxed self, try doubling them up! Just as easy to achieve, but a little easier on your hair (less heavy = less stress) and more comfortable for lying down and catching some rays with SPF of course. Pro Tip: bring along some coconut oil and rub it into your ends before you bun up. It will help protect your hair from dryness from salt water and the warmth of the sun will help soak it in to damaged ends, i.e. the most lazy hair mask of all time, i.e. ideal.f9a66b05e9e35feed9be0ab4d2d4070f
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Summer Reading List 2016

June 12, 2016

I absolutely love reading, but I’m such a busy little bee these days (three jobs will do that to ya) that I definitely don’t read nearly as much as I’d like to. But this summer, I’ve decided not to allow myself to make excuses – I’m going to take my summer reading list to the interwebs so I can count on you lovely people to hold a bitty accountable to her goals.  I always have a note in my phone of books I want to read, which I subsequently add to my library wishlist. Yes, I have a library card. Yes, I use it often. Fun fact – both Baltimore County and City libraries have pretty good pick up programs! So even if your local branch is small and doesn’t carry much (cough, Hampden, cough) you can select books online and pick them up. Here’s the books I’m adding to my list this summer, some new, some classics I’ve been meaning to get to / revisit:



1. The Girls by Emma Cline – The webz are blowing up about this soon to be released novel about the girls of a cult inspired by Charles Manson. The book was apparently fought over by publishers and is already signed to a movie deal, so expect to hear about this one around the water cooler this summer. Basically, the internet made me do it.


2. Love Water Memory by Jennie Shortridge – Inspired by a true story, Love Water Memory is  about a woman with a rare form of amnesia and her journey of self rediscovery. I feel like I’m constantly on a path to self rediscovery  because #twentysomething, and I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast – so we’ll get along well.



3. You’ll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein – The memoir of one of Amy Schumer’s writers about the trials and tribulations of growing into a full grown Adult Lady in the 21st century. So basically all of our life stories, except she’s actually funny.




4. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton – This is one that’s been on my life book list forever, so I’ve decided this summer is the one. I’ve decided to forgo my annual reading of Perks of Being a Wallflower so I really hope it lives up to expectation. Let’s do this, Ponyboy.


5. Modern Lovers by Emma Cline – Whatever pool or beach I can manage to park my tush in front of this summer, I’ll throw this read in my bag. A good beach read doesn’t make you think too hard but does make it hard to put down to jump in!


What else should I add to my reading list this summer if I get really adventurous? Would you like to see a review of any of these books? Comment below!