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Something to Listen to: Our Favorite Covers

June 10, 2016

In my humble (ish) opinion, a cover is one of the most fascinating things a musical artist can do. The ability to hear another artist’s work and be able to re-imagine it, often in an entirely different form of musical styling, while still maintaining the integrity of the original work, is a skill that has always been so impressive to me. Not only is it a tribute to the original artist, it often brings to light a piece of work that did not receive it’s due attention when originally released – like Ed Cobb’s Tainted Love covered by Soft Cell roughly 20 years after it’s release. (Marilyn Manson’s version of Tainted Love is my favorite of all the versions of this song.)

 Often I find I enjoy the cover version just as much, sometimes more than the original.  I love The Used/My Chemical Romance version of Under Pressure just as much as the Queen/David Bowie version and prefer Butch Walker’s ukulele rendition of Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. Don’t worry, I’ve included both in this playlist in the event you haven’t heard them. My absolute favorite kind of cover is when the artist picks a more obscure song and covers it so well that I had no idea it was a cover to begin with! Ellie Goulding’s Hanging On is actually Active Child’s Hanging On and Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson do a beautiful rendition of Chris Bell’s I Am the Cosmos (which I thought was their original for the longest time). 

I asked Julie & Danielle to throw a few of their favorite covers into this playlist and I mixed them into my picks. (Can you pick out who listens to what?) I hope you find some new ways to enjoy some of your favorite songs with this 30th & Weldon Favorite Covers playlist. Happy listening! 

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  • Reply Aunt Karen. :) June 10, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    I heard one of my favs today, the Beatles, In my Life covered by Ozzy.

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