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(Last-Minute) Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hopefully, you’re able to spend some time with a few people you love, whether its brunch with a good friend, dinner with bae, or Netflix with your cat. You may have been running around, trying to find the perfect box of chocolates or dinner reservations or Netflix show to binge and you haven’t had a lot of time to think of one important detail: the card. That is where printable Valentine’s Day cards come in handy, but there are so many, and a LOT of them aren’t that good…

Lucky for me, my Valentine hates cards and I’ve decided to give him a break this holiday and not give him one anyway like I usually do. But if you’ve forgotten the card and need one for your Valentine (or Galentine. or Brolentine) before dinner tonight, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best printable Valentine’s Day cards the internet has to offer. Click links for downloads—some are free but none will break the bank.

Simple Valentines 

pair of pears

A Pair of Pears brings three simple Valentine’s Day cards that get the point across with plenty of room to write your own note.

Valentines for Everyone

16 songs GQ Five printable cards from GQ for all of the different Valentines in your life (including yourself).

Funny Valentines ($3)

valentines butt

The Little Piper has some funny printable Valentine’s Day cards on Etsy, perfect for the person who gives you a ‘heart on’ and the person you fart in front of. Only $3, each PDF has blank space to write a lil note.

Doge Valentines ($3.50)

V such valentine

Wow. Such printable. Very Heart. Much Valentine. So Amaze.

Mean Girls Valentines

v mean girls

If the one you love also loves Mean Girls. Not pictured: there is a card that reads “You are the Glen to my Coco”.

The Anti-Valentine ($2.50) 

valentine pizza

(I mean they’re not wrong…)

Breaking Bad Valentines

valentine breaking bad

Adorable hand-drawn Valentine’s Day cards, bitch.

Drake, Fetty, & Khaled, Oh My! ($4.50)

valentine fetty

valentine major key

valentines drake

Make sure your Valentine knows they’re major key.

Hand-Drawn Couples 

valentine hans-leia

Not pictured: Bert & Ernie, Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, Forrest & Jenny, Hugh Heffner & Playboy Bunnies (2).

Parks & Rec

valentines tom haverford

The folks from Parks & Recreation have set up a Pinterest board of some great printable cards. Because who doesn’t love Parks & Rec in 2016.

90’s Heartthrob Valentines

valentines 90s heartthrob

Including: Ryan Phillipe, Leo, John Stamos, Zack Morris, Jordan Catalano, JTT, and Sean from Boy Meets World. *Swoon*.

Golden Girls!

valentines golden girls

Perfect for gay men & grandmas. Pls bea mine.

Literary Valentines

valentine orwell

Because who doesn’t like a good literary pun?

Millenial Valentine

valentine millenial

For the person you don’t hate (yet).

Ryan Gosling + Valentine’s Day = Ryantine’s Day

valentines ryan gossling

For the girl who wishes you started every sentence with ‘Hey Girl’.

This Shit I Found on Tumblr

valentine tumblr

Who did this.

Jersey Shore

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.12.04 PM

It just felt wrong to end this post any other way.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day! Print one of these bad boys out quick and get back to your regularly scheduled dinner plans/flower shopping/eating ice cream with your cat.



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