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Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

May 15, 2016

It all stared with a few too many trips back and forth to NJ. I got bored while driving, which in turn made me pay less attention. As a matter of public safety, I started listening to Harry Potter on audiobook instead of music. And while the limit does not exist on how often I can listen to HP, I did start to branch out – looking for something else to listen to that was engaging but not always having the time to invest in a whole book. I started asking around about podcasts, and naturally Serial was the first one I listened to.

Since then, podcasts are the #1 thing that I play when driving anywhere further than 10 minutes and I’m always on the hunt for new ones to subscribe to. If you haven’t joined the proverbial bandwagon, podcasts are basically recorded radio shows that are available for free on iTunes / the interwebs. Very accessible, on pretty much any topic under the sun, and new content delivered regularly. Shae and I have both discussed podcasts before, regarding commuting and work travel, but haven’t really talked about which ones.

So what do I listen to? Here’s just a couple of the podcasts I’m loving right now, but I’m always looking for new ones.


RuPaul: What’s The Tee? With Michelle Visage: If you didn’t see this one making this list, we obviously aren’t friends yet. Listening to Ru and Michelle banter is like having lunch with old friends who happen to invite really interesting famous people to join, like Marc Jacobs and Ross Matthews.  They discuss everything from eyebrow pencils to self-esteem, and I love every minute.



Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs: A podcast that highlights different companies and their Entrepreneurs, like Shark Tank for your ears. The fact that their UK based and therefore there’s lots of fun accents certainly doesn’t hurt either.


Missing Maura Murray: For fans of True Crime shows, the Missing Maura Murray podcast is by Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna about an active missing persons case they are making a documentary about. Maura Murray was a college student who, following a series of unfortunate events, crashed her car in rural New Hampshire in 2004. By the time the police arrived at the scene, she was gone and hasn’t been seen since. The story has so many details and is fascinating, but the fact that the case is still open can also be infuriating.



This American Life: If you’re already into podcasts, this is an obvious answer. But I just started listening (no idea what  I was waiting for) and it really is as good as everyone says. Each week there is a theme, and you hear different people’s stories around that theme. Great choices and interesting people make for a great hour of listening.


Being Boss: My new obsession is creative / boss lady / entrepreneur podcasts – I have 3 or 4 more in my feed that I haven’t started yet. But this one I already love. After it was recommended to me at the last Lady Boss event by Heart and Dash, I haven’t stopped listening and recommending it to any lady boss (or creative man boss or any boss really) that crosses my path. The interview with Brené Brown changed my life. Seriously. (Episode #42. Go. Now.)


What podcasts are you into? Leave ’em in the comments so I can keep adding to my feed!


  • Reply Brittany May 24, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Guh! Thanks for all of these!!! I had just been talking about my podcast rut, I’m all caught up on all my subscriptions. Life is always better with RuPaul & Michelle Visage! I’ve also been looking for some better female-focused biz podcasts and I’m loving Being Boss.

    My all-time no.1 favorite podcast is Radiolab but some other favorites in my arsenal are: Lore, Reply All, Criminal, Note To Self, Another Round, and The Black Tapes…and again, that’s just some.

  • Reply Greg May 24, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    99% Invisible!
    Wait wait don’t tell me
    Tony Kornheiser show

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