Packing Light Is Hard

January 8, 2015
I’m about to head on a week long cruise to the Eastern Caribbean (don’t hate me, I love you), so this week I’d like to tackle a topic that takes me some difficulty to successfully execute: packing light.  It’s been known to happen, and it has gotten better over the years, but the struggle is SO real every time I go on a trip.  Hell, it’s like I’m moving in even if I’m just staying the night at my boyfriend’s.  Okay, so maybe I’m not the best person be writing useful tips on how to pack light but just because I don’t always follow them doesn’t mean I can’t speak to them, right?  Right?

Number 1.  Pick a color scheme.  It’s much easier to get multiple outfits out of just a few pieces if they all coordinate with each other.  This way you don’t even have to plan what your days will look like – you can travel with the confidence that everything you bring is going to look good together.

Number 2.  Roll your clothing.  It’s too much to ask that I don’t bring clothing that wrinkles, so this method not only is the most efficient use of space but it will also do the least damage.

Number 3.  Don’t wear pants.  When I told her about this post, Julie gave me a tip she learned from her grandmother: Line the bottom of your suitcase with your pants and jeans so they take up less space.  But I’d like to raise the question, “Why do you need pants?”  You’re on vacation.  Nobody needs pants on vacation.

Number 4.  Bring layers.  This seems like a simple idea, but don’t underestimate it.  Bring layers that allow you to dress up or dress down a piece.  Throw a loose tee over a slip to dress it down during the day.  Then pair it with heels and a pashmina scarf around your shoulders (like a shaw) and wear it to dinner.  The tee can be worn the next day with the scarf.  Boom, baby.  Three outfits.

And Number 5.  Who do you think you are?  Kanye?  Like you are going to care how put-together you look. You are going to be focused on lounging in a hot tub and drinking as many piña coladas as you can while sitting in said hot tub.  Don’t kid yourself.


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