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September 22, 2016
Hey! As you may or may not have heard, 1/3 of 30th & Weldon (Julie) has moved to California! While this is a super exciting move for her, we’ve had lots of people ask us what this means for the blog & the future of 30th & Weldon, so we wanted to take a second to answer some questions.
What does this mean for 30th & Weldon? Thankfully, we’re a business that is mostly run on the internet. We will be able to focus our efforts on our blog ( and our online store ( We will be able to communicate with one another via FaceTime/imessage/other internet and keep our business a success. Julie will be able to focus on the back-end (web/email maintenance, shop maintenance, etc) while Danielle & Shae stay local. We will all continue to write.
What about the Baltimore piece? With Danielle and Shae still in the city, we expect to stay very much a big part of the Baltimore community, you’ll just be seeing Julie’s face less often at events and things of the like. We still want to host events and go to other awesome local events. Having been established in Baltimore (and for Baltimore), we are still very much tied to our roots. Our goal has always been to increase awareness of our wonderful city—what better way to do that than to have someone writing from the opposite coast and broadening our readership?
Can I audition for Julie’s spot? No. Sorry. We will not be holding auditions at this time. Stay tuned for internship opportunities though.
We’re excited about this next chapter for 30th & Weldon. We’ve taken a bit of a blog break since Sunday at the Mill, but we will be back shortly with curated weekly content. Lots of love and light, and many thanks for the support.
Danielle, Julie, & Shae
30th & Weldon

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