How To: Cold Brew Coffee

April 26, 2015

The coffee addiction ’round these parts is very very real. For Julie and I, anyway. Shae has achieved some higher level of enlightenment and has lifted herself from the grips of the habit, though I’m not quite sure swapping for tea counts 100%. Still, power to ya gurl. For the rest of us, the warmer months beg for the deliciousyness (yes, I made it up) of iced coffee. But if you’ve ever tried to take that hot brew from the pot and pour it over ice, you know the watery mess it becomes. I have the answer.

My roommate Tom-tom actually taught me the ways of the cold brew. He just bought some fancy cold brew thingy that seems pretty cool, but trust- it’s not necessary. All you need is a large pitcher type container and a strainer.

Here’s your big lengthy list of ingredientses:

– Coffee
– Strainer
– Pitcher
– Water


The ratio of coffee to water is the only thing you have to worry about – I usually do 1 1/3 cups of coffee to 4 cups of water, i.e. 1/3 of coffee per cup of water. I use the cheap stuff for this because you use so much, but Tom’s a coffee snob so he likes to use better grounds.



Here’s where it gets really tricky – add the water to the coffee grounds and mix.


Then let it hang. For realsies, that’s it. Anywhere from 8-12 hours, but more is fine too.



When you finish your Netflix binge of a whole season of The Office – season 4 obvi – you’ll have this coffee sludge stuff.



Now you must separate the coffee grounds from the black liquid gold. I use a strainer lined with paper towels or cheese cloth. Julie has a big french press, so she just does the whole process in that.



That’s it! Keep it in a sealed container in the fridge for up to a week.



It is important to note that this is a coffee concentrate. When you mix up your beverage (in a nifty mason jar with a lid and straw – thanks Tar-jay/ Julie!) pour the coffee over ice, then dilute with water. How much you dilute it is up to you – I also add sweetener and creamer, and even sometimes a flavored syrup – so I don’t use too much water.



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