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Hangover Survival 101

April 24, 2016

So hypothetically you went a little to hard last night. Maybe you mixed rye and rosé, maybe you didn’t have a real dinner. Maybe you suddenly left the party you were at because you started sweating and drifting in and out of conversation and realized it was NOT OKAY for you be in the presence of other people. And since we are speaking hypothetically here, let’s imagine you found a nice quiet place to puke before passing out on the floor of your friend’s bedroom burittoed in a blanket next to the trash can.  So today, hypothetically speaking, you are hungover af because you have no chill and the words ‘self control’ and ‘I’m not in college anymore’ mean nothing to you. Since it’s too late to chug a glass of water and two Advil before bed, what do you do to combat this nasty, purely hypothetical, mother of all hangovers you have?

advil-water1. Chug or gently sip (depending on your status) a glass of water and two Advil – It’s not too late to do this the morning after. Provided you can keep this down, this is still one of the best ways to kick a hangover’s butt.  And don’t stop there. Keep drinking water to rehydrate your poor, abused body and flush out those remaining toxins that you didn’t get rid of the night before.

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2. Sleep – The best remedy by far is to just sleep it off.  This gives your body a chance to rejuvenate itself and do what it does naturally to rid itself of all that alcohol in your bloodstream.  Plus if you can sleep it off, you avoid a lot of the pain and suffering that comes along with your hangover. Pro tip: Own an animal to cuddle with.



3. Drink coconut water – Discovering this hangover cure was a game changer for me.  It’s packed with electrolytes and vitamins and is extremely hydrating. The coconut water will also help settle an acidic stomach and get that awful churning sensation to stop. A lot of coconut waters are pasteurized through a heating process that changes the taste and destroys a lot of the nutrients found in raw coconut water (which is the best possible option but not the most practical).  Harmless Harvest uses a micro-filtration system to process their coconut water and you can taste the difference.  This is my go-to for hangovers.

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4. Take a shower or warm bath – Just washing the smell of booze can help you feel better, plus soaking in water will help calm some of the damage done to your body by a night of drinking. Warm water will relax your muscles and help with some of the aches and pains caused by a hangover. A cool compress over your eyes can help reduce the puffiness that also comes along with a hangover.

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5. Eat something salty and full of carbs and protein – The salt will help your body crave more water, thus getting those hydration levels back to where they need to be. The carbohydrates and protein will restore those depleted sugar levels and give you energy to get moving. This Donut Burger from Smaltimore is the perfect hangover cure.  Obviously this is a stock photo and not one I took this morning at brunch.

Have some tried and true hangover cures? Please share them with us – goodness knows we’ll try just about anything when a hangover hits.

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