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DIY: Simple Wood Round Clock

March 19, 2016

My younger brother has a habit of Snapchatting me late at night, anywhere from midnight to 2/3 am.  My old ass normally doesn’t see them until the next morning but they usually consist of him studying – he is in medical school) and making pop culture jokes about his medical school notes/research/textbooks/science. I love it because it give me a little glimpse into his world, that I very much do not understand, and makes it relatable or at least filters it in a manner that I can appreciate…. Damn, he is gonna make a good doctor and bring great honor to the family.

My love for my affectionately known “Bro Bear” aside, the other day he snapped me this wooden clock he made which I immediately jumped on and told him I needed to make one and blog about it.  So that’s what we did.  He came home for Spring Break this week and we spent a day catching up, having dinner at Woodberry Kitchen (yum) and making this clock.  It was super simple and easy to do – I was so impressed at how little steps it took to make this rustically elegant clock. We complicated it a bit by buying the wrong depth basswood piece and had to saw it in half, so don’t make the same mistakes we did, especially if you don’t have a twenty-one year old man to strong arm a piece of wood in half with a hand saw.


What You Need:

Power drill

5/16 inch twist drill bit

1 small Basswood Round (1/4 inch deep)

1 quartz clock movement kit

1 AA battery

Decide where you want your clock hands to sit on your wood round.  You can place it in the middle like my brother did or get funky with it and off center it.  I chose to place mine where the center of the rings met, making my clock hands off center.


Using the drill and a 5/10″ drill bit, gently drill through your wood round.  I say gently so you don’t accidentally break your wood round in half while trying to drill through.  Once you have broken through, drill counter clockwise back through the hole to even it out and ensure you have a clean circumference to insert your clock kit through.



Disassemble the quartz clock movement kit.  There is a small nut at the top of your battery pack piece and then a large nut and guard that need to be removed before you can insert the battery pack into the back of your clock.



Once you have inserted the battery pack you can restack the guard and larger nut on the front of the clock. Add the hour hand – this needs to click in around the white plastic piece on the clock mechanism. I had to push it down gently to make sure i didn’t bend it when pressing it on.  Add the minute hand and then screw the smallest nut on.  Push the seconds hand into the top.


Pop the AA battery into the back and set your time! I hung mine up in the wall collage I shared last week in my home decorating post.

Thanks Bro Bear for your help and guidance with this one!



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