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DIY Holiday Gift Toppers

December 17, 2015

Remember the holiday shopping you were running behind on, because, well you procrastinated on it just like us? But since you used our Holiday Gift Guide to finish it up without having to put on pants you now can get started on one of my favorites parts of the holidays – gift wrapping. Maybe I’m a little crazy but I find the repetitive folding of paper and curling of ribbon to be rather relaxing. Throw some of Julie’s Glühwein (mulled wine) on the stove top and put on my Not So Average Christmas playlist and make some of these cute holiday gift toppers!

What You Need:

1 small Christmas wreath (currently 60% off at Michael’s)
Red yarn
Decorative floral branches
Bakers twine
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Hot glue gun

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DIY Holiday Gift Toppers 

With the wire clippers cut the wreath open. Most wreaths have small rings keeping the garland on the wreath frame – you will have to pull those off with the pliers but it’s easier to do that once you have cut the garland and started unravelling the garland sections off. Pull the small pieces of garland out of the wire and cut more off as necessary.



Cut the canvas into 1″ by 4″ strips. Using the wire cutters clip off pieces of your decorative branches.  Set aside, within reach, to grab once you have formed the base of your gift topper.  The base of the topper is three pieces of garland on top and one facing the opposite direction on the bottom.



Layer in your decorative pieces on top of the garland.  They should all overlap a bit in the middle. I chose to do two of the red berry branches on the top and one of silver ball branches, facing the opposite direction, on the bottom.  This is the fun part because you can get creative with how you want to design your holiday gift topper. Do just one branch, do four, layer in other pieces like tiny bells on wire or bits of tinsel. Go wild.  Get crazy.  It’s gonna look freaking cute no matter what.



Cut a small piece of red yarn and tie it around the middle of your topper to secure all the pieces together.  Then take a canvas strip and wrap it around the middle, covering the red yarn.  Use the hot glue gun to secure the canvas strip.  Ta-da!! Topper complete!

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Now, wrap up all those sweet local gifts you got from our gift guide. I like to use plain brown paper 1. because it will make the holiday gift topper pop, 2. it’s more cost effective than festive paper, 3. it’s sturdier, doesn’t tear as quickly and therefore is easier to wrap with.

Tie the bakers twine around your wrapped gifts.  Take a second piece of red yarn and wrap it around your topper.  Pass it under the bakers twine on the present so it doesn’t fall off and tie in a bow around the top. Or you can just hot glue it to the top of the present.  Your call. Either way….told you it would be cute. Happy Holidays, y’all!




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