Photo – Aesthetic Distance || Hair/Make up – Courtney McCormick || Wardrobe –  Brightside Boutique


Danielle is a (self-proclaimed) boxed wine aficionado with dreams of becoming a mermaid when she grows up. Hangs with her pup, Albie (named for the greatest wizard of all time…duh) will always trump social interactions with humans. Danielle currently works in tech support but hides her nerd under a thick layer of glitter and sarcasm like any good drag queen.


Julianna Laufer (mainly known as Julie and sometimes as Jules) is twenty-five years old and is passionate about live music, cocktails, intelligent debate, and the bloodiest of steaks. Julie grew up in New York and has come to appreciate most cities. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Sociology & Education from Goucher College and currently works in the Ed-Tech industry. She lives in San Jose, CA, after having lived in Baltimore for 7 years.


Shae-li, also known as Shae, is a stylish, multi-racial, cat loving, hippie with a southern twang and a northern mindset. From a young age Shae-li expressed an interest in fashion and the fiber arts, often making dresses and accessories for her stuffed animals and dolls. She still likes to play dress up, only now her dolls are life-sized and wear way more black. She is a store manager for Free People and one day hopes to work for their home office.