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30th & Weldon Holiday Gift Guide

December 15, 2015

30th & Weldon brings you our holiday gift guide, a collection of gifts from local Baltimore business owners. In true millennial fashion, we haven’t finished our Christmas shopping yet (& bet you haven’t either). The gifts featured are all based in Baltimore and support our local economy & many can be purchased online as well. We hope you’ll be able to find some last minute gifts for everyone left on your list!


close call studio

WHO’S IT FOR: Close Call Studio gifts are best given to anyone that enjoys plants and other cute things. Friends, significant others, and kids love gifts from Close Call Studio.

GREAT GIFT ITEMS: The felt cacti are a big seller this year, perfect for plant enthusiasts and those with less than a green thumb. The produce ornaments are also perfect for the season and are a unique edition to a creative friend’s holiday decorations. The felt mushrooms and succulents are a 30th & Weldon favorite.

close call studio ornaments

HOW TO SHOP: You can buy directly from Close Call Studio’s Etsy. Local in Baltimore, you can shop at Trohv and Hunting Ground in Hampden.



WHO’S IT FOR: Lovers of vintage clothing, beautiful jewelry, and intricate housewares.


GREAT GIFT ITEMS: Honestly, the entire Bottle of Bread shop is great for those in your life but some of shop-owner Mo’s favorites include: vintage t-shirts, Moon River Natural body products, vintage kilim rugs, leather wallets, & sterling silver and opal stud earrings. Our favorites include some of the vintage glassware and our friends in this guide (Ann Margaret Ceramics and Twigs & Wool).  image2

HOW TO SHOP: Bottle of Bread is best shopped via their brick and mortar location at 229 W Read Street in Mount Vernon.




WHO’S IT FOR:  Kelci Smith Creative’s cards are perfect for ladies (and lady-lovin’ lads) who don’t take Christmas too seriously—there are enough cards with “lovely” things depicted on them. These cards are for the silly and snarky. For your best friend, your sister. and maybe even your mother-in-law (you know, depending on the relationship you two have).


GREAT GIFT ITEM: Right now, everything is geared towards Christmas and gifting. All of the mildly inappropriate and silly cards are beautiful drawn and designed and are for those who appreciate art and a bit of humor. Our favorite cards include ‘Shy Girl‘ and ‘Christmas Cookies‘. We also love the ‘Friendship Card Giftbox Set‘ as something you could gift to someone else.   


HOW TO SHOP: You can purchase these fantastic alternative Christmas cards directly from Kelci’s website. You should also follow her Instagram for future updates: she has big plans for Valentine’s Day cards, t-shirts, prints and pins.


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.54.43 PM

WHO’S IT FOR: Twigs & Wool is perfect for everyone from your closest friend to your newest co-worker. Knitwear is extremely versatile and Twigs & Wool is one-size-fits-all, which makes your job as a gift giver all the simpler. Twigs & Wool strives to create versatile pieces that are cozy and functional that can be worn by men and women. Also, with your purchase, 1 piece is donated to the House of Ruth Maryland, an emergency domestic abuse shelter in Baltimore.


GREAT GIFT ITEMS: The hats are great for the holidays, and best sellers this year are in cobalt and mustard. These hats have been so popular because they are a classic, slouchy beanie style that just about anyone can pull off. And one-size-fits-all is always ideal when shopping for someone else. The Cowl in Moss is also a 30th & Weldon favorite.



HOW TO SHOP: The best way to buy from is from the Twigs & Wool directly. If you are local, Twigs & Wool will be vending at Charm City Flea at the 2640 Space on Saturday, December 19 from 10a-4p. Twigs & Wool is also sold at Bottle of Bread in Mount Vernon, Doubledutch Boutique in Hampden, and The Women’s Exchange in Downtown Baltimore.


Screenshot 2015-12-13 22.36.56

WHO’S IT FOR: Pearlswirl is unique, handmade jewels perfect for your girlfriend, mom, or any other lady in your life who appreciates a touch of vintage and sparkle.

Screenshot 2015-12-13 22.47.14

GREAT GIFT ITEMS: Anything Druzy is very popular this year. They sparkle and shimmer which is perfect for the season of parties but they’re not so seasonal that they only work at Christmas.
Screenshot 2015-12-13 22.38.35

HOW TO SHOP: Directly from Pearlswirl’s website. Available locally at Double Dutch Boutique in Hampden.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 10.45.19 PM

WHO’S IT FOR: Gifts from Local Color Flowers are perfect for anyone who loves flowers, gardening or eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. Since all flowers are sourced from within 100 miles of Baltimore, LoCoFlo gifts are perfect for anyone who loves Baltimore and is committed to our community.

Screenshot 2015-12-13 22.43.51

GREAT GIFT ITEMS: Perfect holiday gift items are custom gift baskets featuring local products and flowers, a subscription to our flower CSA, a holiday arrangement (perfect to give as a hostess gift) or a gift certificate to one of our floral design classes.

HOW TO SHOP: Online or at the shop in Charles Village (just make an appointment).



WHO’S IT FOR: These ceramics are for a broad audience and are great for anyone who wants to decorate their home with unique handmade pottery.


GREAT GIFT ITEMS: Mugs have proven to be a great universal holiday gift—we truly believe you can never have too many mugs for coffee or tea or mulled cider. We also love Ann Margaret’s unisex necklaces, which is a unique way of using pottery.

HOW TO SHOP: Shop directly from Ann Margaret Ceramics’ Etsy. Everything listed on Etsy can be hand delivered or arranged for pickup in Baltimore. Some wares are available at Bottle of Bread in Mount Vernon.



artifact coffee mug

WHO’S IT FOR: The food lover, the coffee lover, and the local-loving guru.

GREAT GIFT ITEMS: Pretty much the entire shop, but including: Snake Oil Hot Sauce (a Woodberry Kitchen classic), Artifact Coffee T-Shirt (featuring the iconic backwards mug), Artifact Coffee Keep Cup, and WK Pantry Jams and Jelly (perfect to put on our scones!).

HOW TO SHOP: You can purhcase various WK Pantry Items & gift cards for all WK restaurants (Woodberry Kitchen, Artifact, Parts & Labor, etc) at the Woodberry Kitchen Shop online. However for most Artifact Gifts it is best to visit Artifact Coffee at 1500 Union Avenue in Hampden.



WHO’S IT FOR: The Whiff Co., a modern gifting service, has created gorgeous & adorable hand-drawn cards this holiday season. These cards are for everyone and serve as the perfect companion to any gift purchased from the gift guide or elsewhere.


GREAT GIFT ITEMS: For the holiday season, The Whiff Co. will focus exclusively on holiday cards. They’re working with Hugging Jems to create hand-designed and painted cards—and they are absolutely beautiful. These holiday cards are top picks for the season but The Whiff Co. will still have additional designs for sale.



These cards have been made available for online preorder as of Monday, December 14th at 7:00 pm EST. Preorder lasts until Friday, December 18th at 11:59 pm PST. Anyone who preorders a card will have the option to add a custom, hand-written message & have their card sent directly to the recipient. After that pre-order ends you can still have a blank card shipped to you so you can add a personalized message before sending it off.

We hope your holiday is filled/has been filled with lots of love—that’s the poin right? Now, we have got a bunch of last minute Christmas shopping to attend to and bet you probably have a little bit too. 


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